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Air Condition Repair Services in Markham

All Air Conditioners & heat pumps require regular care to operate at their peak, maintain efficiency and stay safe.  By doing preventative care, you can save on utility bills and enhance the life and health of your equipment. Engaging in preventative maintenance can lead to significant savings on energy costs while also prolonging the lifespan and improving the condition of your equipment. It is advisable to have a professional inspect every cooling system annually to guarantee its proper functioning. Our team is equipped to offer you essential advice to maintain your air conditioning and heating system in excellent condition.

21 Point Inspection on your Air Conditioning system some of them include

  • Inspecting system for correct operation
  • Checking moving parts for wear and tear
  • Visually inspect capacitors for leakage and rust
  • Replacement of filter provided by customer while on site at time of inspection
  • Check condenser motor bearings; lubricate non sealed condenser motor bearings (when necessary)
  • Test refrigerant levels
  • Inspect condensate drain, pan, and pump
  • Test indoor motor amps
  • Inspect fuses, Inspect wiring
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Inspect contractors, relays and pressure controls
  • Inspect electrical safety circuits
  • Check voltage and amperage to all motors

Air Condition Repair Services in Markham by expert professionals. Contact Appliance Parts Plus today for repair and maintaining services.