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Microwave Repair Service in Markham

Looking for expert microwave Repair services in Markham Canada? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our professional dishwasher repairing experts can provide expert service to get your microwave up and running quickly. We understand that microwave repairs can be a hassle, so our technicians are dedicated to fixing the issue with speed and efficiency. Plus, we’ll also provide you with microwave parts for repair and on-call serivce if you want DIY. So don’t wait any longer; contact Appliance parts plus today and let us help you get your microwave back in top shape!

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Most Common Microwave problems:

Microwave is tripping breaker or blowing fuse

If you microwave is tripping breaker or blowing fuse, it can be incredibly frustrating. The most likely cause of a microwave tripping a breaker or blowing a fuse is an overloaded circuit. If your microwave is plugged into an overloaded outlet with multiple appliances connected, this can cause the breaker to trip or even blow the fuse.

Microwave is running but not heating

If your microwave is running but not heating, it could be caused by a variety of issues. First, it may be due to a faulty microwave magnetron tube. The microwave magnetron tube is the component that produces microwaves and is responsible for heating food. If the microwave magnetron tube is not working properly, the microwave will not heat properly and will require an expert to fix.

Some of the keys on the pad are not working

Some of the keys on the microwave pad are not working? This is a fairly common issue and it can be caused by several underlying issues. One of the most likely causes is a fault in the microwave's membrane switch. The membrane switch is responsible for relaying commands from the keypad to the microwave's control board so you'll need professional help with that.

Microwave door is locked and doesn’t open

If your microwave door is locked and won't open, it can be incredibly frustrating. This issue is usually caused by a faulty microwave latch or microwave door switch. The microwave latch is the mechanism that is responsible for locking and unlocking the door when you press the start button. It could be damaged, causing it to stay locked.

Hire Us For Your Microwave Repairing Job

Hire Us For Your Microwave Repairing Job! Don’t let any microwave issues put a damper on your day – our microwave repair experts are here to help. With years of experience and expertise, we can take care of all microwave repair needs quickly and efficiently. We understand that microwave repairs are often an emergency, so we have our experts ready to help you from parts replacement to fixing your microwave completely.