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Dryer Thermal Fuse & High-Limit Thermostat Kit, Equivalent to 279973


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When your dryer isn’t performing the way it should, the Thermal Fuse & High-Limit Thermostat Kit. can be the solution. This kit is a direct replacement for the Whirlpool OEM 279973 and is designed to protect your dryer against fires by disabling the heating element if it becomes too hot. If your dryer isn’t drying properly, has stopped heating up, or is turning off before it’s finished,


This part is a safety thermostat, thermal cut-off, or thermal limiter. It is used to protect the dryer from becoming too hot and potentially causing a fire. If your dryer is not drying properly, will not start, no heat, not enough heat, too hot, or the drying cycle ends prematurely, it may be necessary to replace this part.


Part numbers: 279973, TH9973